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Re: How to block India

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Be very careful with blocking withheld callers. 

It’s a matter of choice. Older callers (and even younger inexperienced callers) can become confused with these settings and automated replies.

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Re: How to block India

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Have ordered a CPR 5000 and will install it at my mums place.= (it's her that is having these calls and they are stressing her out).

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Re: How to block India

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The CPR5000 needs nothing done to it and it won't automatically block (or at least my 202 model doesn't) withheld you'd need to manually do that.

I keep a notepad on my PC of how many and which type of calls have been blocked and I've just scrolled back to February 2013. The CPR display shows blocked calls:


That includes inbuilt numbers in the unit, number ranges (70% of numbers I've addded) and specific numbers (very few). I think maybe 12 of those I hit the big BLOCK button and then blocked those ranges.

The whole of this year I've had 2 calls from scammers (Indiam mobile numbers eg West Bengal State 07031335916) and of course I very carefully blocked those ranges. That example I block everything 070* as I don't think  that's a number that would ever call. To do that I press: **7# 07 and then press #. That's all I've done to the CPR this year I don't even know it's there.

Incidentally, I said I use this with FTTP/DV I plug the CPR unit into the Smart Hub 2 and then the cable that comes out the CPR unit goes into an old desktop telephone that's where I dial into the CPR to block a range or a number I may of missed with the BLOCK NOW button. To remove a blocked number/range you just scroll to it onthe CPR unit then press the remove button on the CPR.

I've had a real mobile call from Spain and Dubai in the last few months so no problems there.



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