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IPC6007, lost Sky Sports channels

I am getting IPC 6007 for the subscribed channels - the message says there is a problem with my broadband however when I check the connection it says it is connected. It has been like this for a few days. I have checked my subscriptions and they are still there

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Re: IPC6007, lost Sky Sports channels

Hi @Fritz300, welcome to the forum and sorry you are getting this error when trying to watch the Sky Sports channels.

Are you connected from the hub via adapters? If so are you able to use an Ethernet connection and see if the error continues. 
If the error continues then follow these steps and post back to let me know how you get on.

  1. Try to access the BT Player, press the Home (or YouView) button, then scroll to and select BT Player
  2. If you still see the error message then try restarting your equipment by following these steps:
    • First, restart your Hub
    • Wait for the broadband light on your Hub to go blue
    • Restart your TV box, using the power switch on the back
    • Now check if you still receive the error
  3. Check your software version is up to date. To do this, press the Home (or YouView) button, then go to Settings > Software Information > Update Software and press OK
  4. Check your On Demand players are up to date by pressing the Home (or YouView) button, then going to Settings > Software Information > Update players & apps and press OK



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