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Is Fault Finder Real ?

Most nights After midnight, my broadband mysteriously disappears. I run the BT fault finder test but it ALWAYS insists on telling me everything is fine.  

I would find it funny if it wasn't so annoying and frustrating.  Not only does it knock off my TV channels, connection also seems to dissappear in the middle of my Sons games. 

I have also noticed a difference in our speed and what we can use it for. We can't download and watch TV at the same time. It doesn't appear to be capable.  At the start of our contract it was fine but around the time we were pushed onto Halo, the speed and reliability completely dropped.

To add insult to injury. Just after renewing my TV package, BT removed Movies 24, the only channel I watched.... AND further to that, BT have informed me today that I am to loose MORE TV channels from my package. BUT do not tell me which ones. 

I think I have had enough.  Probably been with BT too long now. Time for a change. 


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Re: Is Fault Finder Real ?

HALO is just a type of service, they don’t physically change any kind of hardware on the line so to suggest that is the cause would be wrong, it would just be coincidence. 

If your connection is going off at midnight most nights that could suggest a REIN Issue. Is it just yours going off or are your neighbours affected, that’s if they’ve noticed as I’d imagine most people are asleep in bed at midnight, not up playing games and watching movies.

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Re: Is Fault Finder Real ?

Most unhelpful reply ever, which is typical of BT.  Also, very critical and judgmental, discriminatory and narrow minded. 🤣

As for being up at midnight and beyond.. Is Does BT no longer offer a 24/7 service ??

1.  My Son is disabled and undergoes tube feeding and chemo treatments 24/7, including during the night.  Being allowed on his games during this time actually helps him forget JUST FOR A LITTLE WHILE what he is going through. 

2. Because of my Sons care, I am awake with him  and do most of my work ONLINE during the night. EXCEPT, oh no, I can't because there is no Internet. !!!! 


I will of course be submitting a formal complaint to BT in relation to the unhelpful and narrow minded content of your reply. 



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Re: Is Fault Finder Real ?

REIN, by the way, can not affect fibre broadband.... 🤣😂
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Re: Is Fault Finder Real ?


This is only a customer to customer help forum, everyone here are just customers and do not work for BT.

Unless you have a direct fibre into your property, with an Openreach Optical Modem on the end, then you would only have fibre to the cabinet, which can easily be affected by interference.

If you do have an Optical modem like one of these.




Then you do have a direct fibre (FTTP) and you need to look to see if any of the lights change colour, when you get the disconnection.


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Re: Is Fault Finder Real ?

Yes, but BT allow a link from their site to here..... The content on here will concern them.
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Re: Is Fault Finder Real ?

BT direct and invite customers to this site from their own. That makes them responsible for the content. 

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Re: Is Fault Finder Real ?

@Itsmefee wrote:
Yes, but BT allow a link from their site to here..... The content on here will concern them.

See my edited post regarding fibre.

This is primarily a self help forum which BT refer to, so that people can seek advice from other users.

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Re: Is Fault Finder Real ?

Ha ha, I wasn’t being narrow minded, just merely stating you might be hard pressed to find a neighbour experiencing similar issues given most people are asleep then.

Knock yourself out with the complaint as well, it’ll get you nowhere.

And by the way, even if you have FTTP you can still be affected by REINS as it’s not just the external Network it affects, REINS can also cause issues with your Router, WIFI and any Data Cabling you may have. 

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