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Is there, or is there not a problem with BT Parental Controls?

I can not get parental controls to work. I login to my account (on a PC) and enter the names of a few sites I wish to block - ordinary sites such as Rightmove, IMDB etc, save the result, get an email from BT to say it has been received and it might take up to 2 hours to take effect. It fails to block the sites.


I was on the phone to BT today for a total of an hour, and we tried everything - different browser, flushing the DNS, doing a factory reset of the router (Hub 2), deleting the entries and re-entering them, switching parental control OFF then ON again, using different devices in the house, checking the settings in my network adapter profiles - and all failed. Parental Controls does not block my blocked sites. My case is being escalated to a higher level and I'm getting a call back in two days, but in the meantime I was just wondering (as there seems to be quite a few cases of this happening)

1. Does anyone actually have parental controls working?

2. Has anyone got a solution to this problem?


I know there are browser apps/extensions that do this blocking, but I want it to be household-wide on all devices so doing it through the router seems the logical way to do it. BT advertise parental controls as a feature, but does it actually work?



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Re: Is there, or is there not a problem with BT Parental Controls?

Hi @carregwen welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry to see you're experiencing problems with your parental controls. I'm not aware of any widespread issues with the Parental Controls so the fault is likely to just be affecting your service.

The controls are applied at the network level so it's problem an issue on one of our systems that implement the settings, the tier 2 team should be able to resolve that for you. If they don't have it sorted for you next week post back here to let us know and we can chase it up.



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