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Landline Fault

Yesterday my bt hub turned orange with a red flashing light and my landline had no signal.

Got through to bt and they confirmed there was a fault on the line and an openreach engineer  would try to resolve it.

I've had an email with a fault number which I can track but can't as have no wifi.

  • I'm an old vulnerable person and rely on my landline, does anyone know how long it takes to get someone out & will it cost me anything. Round a friends using their wifi to quickly write this , any advice would be appreciated please. 
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Re: Landline Fault

normally you would get a date for engineer visit maybe within 3 working days

this may help for future

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Re: Landline Fault

The email said they hope to have it fixed by the 31st so that's 6 days from when I reported it.

Thanks for link

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Re: Landline Fault

Bt have just rung me and are coming out Monday to check my sockets etc.

So hopefully it ll get sorted.



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Re: Landline Fault

It’s working days ( weekends do not count as working days ) , so if you report it today , Thursday 26th doesn’t count, 27th first day ,  the 28 and 29th  are the weekend , so the 31st is the 3rd working day,  but with a little luck it will be Monday 30th or even earlier 

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Re: Landline Fault

It should be Monday as they've made an appointment and told us 8am to 10am 

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Re: Landline Fault

It's a bank holiday, not a normal working day for engineers. Although there may be a few in for emergency calls. 

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Re: Landline Fault

I had overlooked that Monday is a bank holiday, so Tuesday is the day after which compensation could become due if the fault not fixed by then, so even if it’s not fixed on the Monday , contractually they still have Tuesday to fix it , although if they have given Monday as the appointment date and don’t show ( or fix without attending your property ) a missed appointment fee presumably would be due.

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Re: Landline Fault

It seems bt have decided the problem is  probably outside now so openreach can't come to check the poles until Wed 1st Sept  so that'll be a week since the phone line suddenly went dead which is when i reported it.

Really lost without my landline 😢

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Re: Landline Fault

Hi @cityangel,

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry if you've been left without service.

Please drop us an update tomorrow and let us know if the service has been repaired?

If it doesn't get repaired as planned I'll be more than happy to take a look at what is happening with the fault.




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