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Linking existing EE mobile to BT TV and Broadband Account

I know you can link an existing EE Contract to a BT Account for a 10% discount, I've seen documents from EE and BT that says you can do it and it has be done from the BT account and then confirmed on EE but does anyone know how to do it?  I've looked all over MyBT and I'm b**gered if I can find a link or page that sets the process up.

Has anyone else managed to do it, my EE contract is coming up for renewal imminently so I'm keen to set it up.

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Re: Linking existing EE mobile to BT TV and Broadband Account

Hi @Cochis, thanks for your post. I've had a look around for information on this and found this BT and EE Special Discount document and section 5.3 in this says "We will send an email to the BT or EE account holder after we have completed your new BT broadband or eligible EE mobile order. The email will contain a link together
with instructions on how to link your BT account to your EE number"
Also best check section 2 to ensure you are eligible.

Hope this helps.



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