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Live NFL games not recording

For months now back to last season, Record Series hasn't been working on live NFL games and I've had to set the Record Episode individually. Then for the last 2 months this isn't working either and I have missed so many SNF and MNF games, as they start at 1am. I took NOW TV through BT so I could record the late night games, yet it's pointless. Last night I had to set an alarm at 1.10am to get up, press record once the programme had started, in order to record the game.

This also means I can't go out Sunday nights, as I'll miss all games, which kind of defeats the objective of having the functionality.

Someone please explain what's going .

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Re: Live NFL games not recording

Hi @Louisa_M 

A couple of questions

 Which BT TV /Youview box are you using ?

Which channel are you setting the NFL recordings on eg Sky Sports NFL, Sky Sports Main Event , Channel 4  ( and is it SD or HD channel) ?

As you mention issues going back to last season I suggest that  you  try  a maintenance mode reset on the box

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Re: Live NFL games not recording

Hi @zulu17 

Not sure how to check which box I have but it says 4K UHD on the front. I only ever record the NFL on the main NFL channel 426, definitely SD too.

Last night we set the Highlights to record at 10pm and even that didn't record this time.

I'll do a maintenance reset as you've suggested and see how it goes.


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Re: Live NFL games not recording

As a fallback the NFL game Highlights (46 minute) versions are normall yavailable on the Now App on the Youview box  ( Sport on Demand section > On Demand Genres>NFL)

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