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Loss of channels and Apps

Hi all, 

So, I lost all terrestrial channels a few weeks ago due to my local mast going up in flames. 

I have two boxes in my house and while all channels have now returned to my secondary box (without retuning)  my main box in the front room still hasn't picked them back up. I've retuned several times and even done 2 factory resets with no luck. I'm also missing a couple of apps (itv hub etc)  on my main box that I have on my secondary box.

Any ideas? 



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Re: Loss of channels and Apps

ITV hub would be missing as it cannot verify that you're in a TV region that can receive it.

Have you checked the aerial connection into your box?  If you plug that cable directly into your TV instead, are you able to tune to TV channels?

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Re: Loss of channels and Apps

Hi and thanks for your reply.

Just tried what you suggested and my tv has picked up 13 channels.

So would I be right in saying that my main box is faulty? 


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Re: Loss of channels and Apps

13 channels - it should be more like 130. My guess is that your TV has managed to pick up strong channels that work without a good aerial, and there's an issue with the aerial connection in that room. What about the other end of that cable? Any chance it's been knocked out?
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Re: Loss of channels and Apps

I can't see any obvious signs of a loose connection at the other end.

Everything was working fine until the bilsdale mast went down, and like i say everything is back to normal on the secondary box in the bedroom.

Is it time for an engineer to come out?



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Re: Loss of channels and Apps

If you're only seeing 13 channels from your aerial cable then it does sound like further investigation is needed.
BT do offer a service, partnered with TSG:
Or you can contact any local aerial install company to ask for help - they may be able to provide more guidance on steps to try before having to pay someone to come out.
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Re: Loss of channels and Apps

I'm just on web chat now with bt. 

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