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Loss of internet channels now I've updated package

New package in November 2019

New BT open reach box, New plug socket, New TV box ( 4HD)! Still no internet channels! Twice called and told within ,48hrs the tech team will call. Still no phonecall.

Been paying for channels I can't get since November. 

No BBE problem apparently. All items updated. New leads, Router rebooted!! Nothing else I can do.   HELP!!!





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Re: Loss of internet channels now I've updated package

Hi @44madhouse, welcome to the community, I'm really sorry your BT TV channels are not working and the agreed callbacks have been missed. I believe it's taking longer than normal to get back to customers at the moment from the BT TV team.


Has the Openreach box been rebooted? Are there any powerline adaptors between the home hub and the Openreach box? You've mentioned new equipment has been tried but can you confirm that you're using the new cables supplied with the new TV box?


I'll send you a private message in a few moments so you can get in touch with the moderation team and we'll be happy to help. 



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Re: Loss of internet channels now I've updated package

Hi NeilO. 

Everything has been rebooted, lost count how many times...all the leads supplied have been used. No power line adapters. Just one lead (red one) ethernet cable from open reach to hub. One connector plug for pc upstairs. One extra disc for WiFi upstairs. The sockets, hub, TV box and openreach all on same ringmain. 








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