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Lot of spam getting through

I'm getting lot of spam on all my bt emails, most of them from "Customer service " and even fro "Costumer service" with an O .. many offer Lenor... or something else

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Re: Lot of spam getting through usual BT love to demonstrate their incompetence and their contempt for their customers. It's hilarious that the press is full of hysteria about China hacking our phone systems  and yet BT can't even manage to intercept spam reliably.

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Re: Lot of spam getting through

I think "Customer Service " is the Co-op.

They are harmless. You can opt out, but I prefer to keep them in.

There are others who pester. I can block the with security software or report spam to BT mail, or even create rules in the client, using keywords.  If they keep coming back, then you know that they are fake as they change their address.... Then as a last resort you create rules in the Client.

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Re: Lot of spam getting through

I too am getting more like these, especially in the last couple of days. They’re not from the co-op, eg the last address was support at masterinlmrxmmos dot com purporting to be from customer service.   I’m marking them as spam (which is a pita) and blocking the senders but why aren’t the BT filters aren’t picking them up?

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Re: Lot of spam getting through

Sorry....I missed the obvious point in the spelling, "Costumer".
It's junk....Do not unsubscribe, as it's risky (it lets them know that you are there). You can forward to BT at Phishing, if you are unsure about the security, then delete it.

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