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MAC/IP Address locking on Smart Hub 2

I have used ASUS routers for some years now but, following problems with the last one, I got a Smart Hub 2 from BT to replace the Modem and router combination I had previously installed.  One less power socket used and free replacement!

It didn't take me long to find limitations with the new router.  I've lost FTP Port Forwarding [Port 21] for one.  DDNS works but what is the use of that if FTP does not work?

I have a device table from my ASUS but, for some inexplicable reason, not all the devices that were detectable by the ASUS show up on the Smart Hub regardless of how many times I refresh the device table!  For example, I have a printer with static(manual) settings which "pings" and prints OK but isn't seen by the hub unless I change to DHCP.  Then, having done that, it won't allow me to save the address that I require.

With my ASUS router I was able to predefine and preload devices as Static or Dynamic, lock their IP to their MAC address and block anything which was not recognized.  With the BT device I cannot enable any of these options.

Has anyone managed to overcome at least one of these problems or do I have to bin this trash?

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