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Managing folders in BT email

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I've checked through a few old forums (honest guv) and can't see an answer.

But a simple question. 

I've created a new Folder .

I'm trying to move emails from my Inbox to this new folder ("Receipts")

I do not see - and I've looked and looked , pressing all sub menus and drop down menus there is to press...and the "Move to folder" tab does not appear anywhere.

I did it with ease a couple of weeks ago.  Has something changed ?

I'm using a Samsung A5 Lite tablet. 

Please help, its driving me crazy.

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Re: Managing folders in BT email

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Are you using an email app or a web browser?

If a browser you should set it to use the "full" version and not the mobile version. You may also need to use it in the "landscape" orientation.

When using browser you click on "More" in the menu bar and then select "Move to" and select where you want to move it to or you can just select the email from the list of emails and drag an drop into the folder.

If you are using an email app it will depend on the app being set up as an IMAP account and the apps functions as to how you move emails. 

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Re: Managing folders in BT email

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I don't believe it !

So sorry to have troubled you.

Thanks for your very prompt reply.  I don't know how I missed that.

I feel such a clown.

Many thanks

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