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Minihub not there when needed

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It's one of those moments when you go 'why did I bother'.

Due to a line fault our Fibre Broadband has collapsed to a crawl (as well as losing our landline connection). I know what's happened - the 'fix' that the engineer applied to fix our crackly line a year or so ago in an underground joint has snapped in the cold.

So I have logged the fault, but need the broadband available to share between my wife and myself tomorrow. So ask the agent to activate the minihub as we have Halo 1. It would be 'active within an hour'.

Dug out the hub which I haven't used for over a year. Turned it on. No internet connection. Message on My BT: '

Broadband Backup is unavailable

Sorry, we can’t switch on your Broadband Backup because of network issues. We’re working to fix the problem as soon as possible.
So check the admin page on the hub. Surprise surprise - an IMEI number but no allocated phone number.
i.e. the SIM card has been disabled through non-use.
What is the point of telling people to leave the mini hub in the cupboard for future emergencies if you go and kill the SIM card after 12 months??
I wouldn't mind if my data plan had been set to unlimited as I am sure the modem in my new iPhone is better than the modem in the minihub and I could use tethering. But that hasn't happened either.
Why again do I pay for Halo 1?? 
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Re: Minihub not there when needed

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OK apologies for my whinge - got onto the chat with India and they were able to fix the broadband backup issue which is now activated.

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