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Mismatching Information

Been having an ongoing issue with sky. Had a failed FTTP install with the order being delayed with opereach providing no update. Placing an FTTP order with BT to find out they're both the same merry go round ride!

Searching Address using Postcode, House Name & Number returns WBC FTTP however the property next door returns FTTPoD using this method. We are only two properties up a single track road.

Now when searching my property using a UPRN it shows my property as FTTPoD and not FTTP. Why can no ISP check this? I had one guy in a Scottish Call centre take this number, do the search himself to confirm what I was telling him. But from there he faced barriers from Sales Support & Openreach directly who wont search for it using UPRN. Offering to rebook install but the same will happen again.

An engineer installed a fibre line from the CBT node to my house and an ONT was installed. Once this was done the installer then checked and there was no light on the node.

So it seems to be some sort of mismatch in information.

What's the best route to get this resolved and to find out what type of fibre I can have.

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Re: Mismatching Information

Call the FTTP team 0800 587 4787

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Re: Mismatching Information

This number stays silent for about 60 seconds then directs me to the standard BT customer service line. How do I speak directly to an FTTP Team?

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Re: Mismatching Information

That is the number for the FTTP team, but I think it goes through to the general customer services number when busy

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Re: Mismatching Information

Thanks for that. The line redirects the full day when trying. I will contact them early tomorrow morning.

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Re: Mismatching Information

Started trying from just after 8am and each time redirected to the basic CS team. Can you advise on the best time to call? Does the FTTP team ever have a hold queue? 

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Re: Mismatching Information

just need to persevere you will get through to FTTP team

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Re: Mismatching Information

Unable to assist now as the order is closed 😔

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Re: Mismatching Information

Try contacting Digital Scotland using this form. 

Include all the information you've given us in your first post and the serial number of the ONT.

Let us know how you get on.

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Re: Mismatching Information

Seems to be no end in sight. BT was told to cancel my order by Openreach as it was 100% not going ahead.

1. Contractors have fudged up.
2. Mismatch addresses + another issue unique to my property.
3. CBTs wrong locations/serials and rerouting needed.
4. Area not even commission for full-fibre yet.
5. NAD key wrong

So the Saga continues. Had various FTTP engineers from Openreach out here confused. Opened a complaint with Openreach to only find the Patch lead even more confused. Confusion resolved slightly when 3 other men appeared on-site to commission the CBT as my area has not even gone live yet.  🙃 

They chatted amongst themselves and threw ideas around at how CPs even managed to place an order for FTTP and even how an ONT was assigned and installed by a contractor.

Off they went, Openreach database updated, now even more incorrect information exists. It seems they have pulled in historical addresses from many moons ago plus a variation of a house name. 

Awaiting an update on Monday from the complaints team at Openreach. They are hoping to tell me my CBT is commissioned and I can place my order with my CP. 

Do Openreach really use royal mail? If so then the house naming would not be so messed up for my area. Royalmail is correct and has been correct for as long as I'm aware.

Does anyone have any experience with addressing issues? I don't get how an FTTC service can be provided to an address with no problem but when it comes to FTTP its not as simple? I now understand FTTP is not rolled out yet but once it was I was told I would have still faced some small delays due to a NAD key issue.

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