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Mybt app shared access

Now that there is no by mobile app and you now have to use the mybt app to check mobile usage, is there anyway to allow family members to access the app without having full access to everything on the app ?

Seems a bit strange that if my kids want to check their usage on mobile they will be able to see and possibly change the parental controls, etc

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Re: Mybt app shared access

Hi @jasyk34,

Welcome back to the Community and thanks for taking the time to post.

The other members of the household are considered ‘Service Users’, they will need to register for their own BT ID to access the My BT app. Once they’ve downloaded the My BT app and signed in, as a Service User, they can see their personal allowance (usage), but won’t be able to see data for another SIM under the account, or information private to the Account Holder, such as billing.

Download the My BT app -

I need a BT ID -



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Re: Mybt app shared access

Matt, thanks for the reply. I got my son to follow these instructions and he created his own BT I'd. When completed and he logged in he could see everything on the account. Is there some setting that I need to check on the main account to only allow him to view his mobile usage ?

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