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NOW TV & Chromecast Ultra 5.1 issue

Hi does anyone know why I still can't select Surround sound in the NOW TV Android app?

I've got NOW TV via my BT TV contract. 

Screenshot_20201121-093319_NOW TV~2.jpg

When I "head over" to the NOW TV website it says my passes are managed by BT so I'm in a vicious circle.

I've posted on the NOW TV website, emailed the app developer and emailed NOW TV support but still got the issue. 



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Re: NOW TV & Chromecast Ultra 5.1 issue

Do you have any of the Now Tv Boost or the BT TV HD  or the  BT TV HD and 4K addons as part of your BT TV pack?

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Re: NOW TV & Chromecast Ultra 5.1 issue

Sure have...

hope you can see this link as my screenshot is too big for the forum apparently...

Also here is a link to my post on NOW TV forums...

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Re: NOW TV & Chromecast Ultra 5.1 issue

I will ask the mods to forward to the BT TV team. Although the problem is I suspect outside of BT as they are the agent for Now Tv here it would seem the correct route to follow given that you reported the issue to the Now Tv community over 6 months ago and very little progress seem to have been made,

The concern I have is that the NOwTV Android Phone and IPad IOS  apps appear not to recognising that an account holder has the Now TV Boost when their account is managed by BT,  Those who have the TV Boost directly with Now Tv seem to have no issues. As such you are not able to change the audio setting when using the mobile device with Chromecast from Stereo to Dolby Digital 5.1. I

That should be a very straightforward  to prove or disprove.

if BT  TV can repeated the problem then it can be presented to Now TV.




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Re: NOW TV & Chromecast Ultra 5.1 issue

I also have the same issue casting from an S20+ (and other phones andbtabket) to a Chromecast Ultra; it is well documented in the NowTV forum here

NowTV help have denied that it is their issue, BT Tech support have mostly been unheloful and at times insulting. I'm currently waiting on a reply from Karl at BT Tech support who has promised to personally follow this up. I last heard from him on 14 December - we'll see!!

The NowTV app does not recognise the BT Boost pass and therefore cannot select 5.1. This is a feature that did work when I was a direct NowTV customer  and needs resolving as I'm paying for it!!

If a mod would like to contact me I'd be more than willing to assist in trying to resolve it and I'd like someone to prove me wrong in my belief that BT doesn't give a damn

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Re: NOW TV & Chromecast Ultra 5.1 issue

NOW TV 5.1 sound isn't working for Apple TV users either, regardless of where you get your passes from. I don't think BT can do anything to help on this apart from apply pressure to the relationship? 

The NOW TV app dev team has quite the reputation for poor quality work. It took them over a year to release the updated version of the app on Apple TV and a number of the bugs identified in testing (not including the 5.1 problem because Boost wasn't available to test), were not fixed before release.

The integration with the Apple TV app (like Apple TV+, BBC, Amazon prime etc.) which was a key part of the new app functionality, wasn't released either. 

It will get fixed, but in which year is anyone's guess... 🤣

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Re: NOW TV & Chromecast Ultra 5.1 issue

Getting more frustrated with this particularly as 'Karl' (or 'Carl') form BT tech support promised that he was going to take ownership of this and get back to me with a reply weeks ago (14th December). This seems to be an issue that BT are happy to ignore as long as the customers keep paying!

Do any of the 'Experts' or moderators have any influence?

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Re: NOW TV & Chromecast Ultra 5.1 issue

So, I got bored after work and had a look at my BT account to see if the reported 'Fault' had any progress - to my joy it had been closed by BT as 'Fixed' on the morning of 15th December. No update, NO fix, no nothing. Well don't BT tech support!!!!!!!

Anyway, being bored and now more than a little irate I spent an hour on the phone trying to get back through to BT tech support. They confirmed that it had been closed, but there was no fix - in other words they had closed it because they didn't know what to do with it. Hmm. Great customer service BT well done.

The chap in Tech support (I do have his name but will hold that back for now) said that it needed to be dealt with by the Technical Management Centre; a department that I'd had previous contact with, which in December had sent out an email telling me that it was my fault as I hadn't set it up correctly. Great. But it had been left open because they didn't know why the passes did not show correctly ('open', but no further action).

So now an email has been sent back to the TMC by Tech Support saying that the fault still exists (and yes I've checked and it hasn't changed - still cant select 5.1 because the passes don't show or are not being read correctly by the NowTV app therefore casting to the Chromecast Ultra with 5.1 is not possible).

So now the wait - in the hope that the TMC do pay attention and do something (or at least work with NowTV to resolve).

A note to BT Tech support/TMC who have the link to this thread - I'm more than happy to discuss and assist in user testing.


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Re: NOW TV & Chromecast Ultra 5.1 issue

I have the same issue. I have the Now TV Boost via BT but on the Android NowTv app it says I don't, and need it to get 5.1 sound.

Ok on the PS4 though!

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Re: NOW TV & Chromecast Ultra 5.1 issue


Some progress!! BT Technical Management Centre  got back to me during the week. They admit there is a problem and have replicated it and are speaking to NowTV to try and resolve.


I'll update when I hear more.