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New build silver address

Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can advise me as I've spent all day on the phone with BT and haven't had much luck. 

I'm moving in to a new build next week which has been wired up with FTTP and has an OTN set up and ready. After trying to sign up for BT fibre 3 times over the last week, they've all had trouble finding my address in their system and the orders have failed. After investigating with BT sales we've discovered that my address is a silver address and we need Openreach to convert it to a gold address in their system. BT sales told me to call back in 48 hours and try again but I'm not convinced waiting around is the best option.

We're panicking a bit as we work from home and without internet we're going to be in big trouble. The only contact I've been able to make with Openreach is to fill out a "Copper or fibre broadband problems in your new build home" form and hope they get back to me but I'm hoping perhaps someone here is able to help me out with some info/advice?


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Re: New build silver address


You need to speak to the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787.

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Re: New build silver address

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Re: New build silver address

wow thanks for the speedy replies guys! I'll give the link a read and phone the FTTP team first thing tomorrow!

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Re: New build silver address

Thanks for that FTTP number. They were really helpful.

So it turns out that my address is gold after all but it's not fully connected to the openreach network yet. Apparently it's all installed but they need to do some final checks before they fully activate the service. Does that sound right? Does anyone know what the final checks are and how long they can take? Hoping its just a couple of days but they were unable to give me an estimate which fills me with dread.


Thanks again!