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New customer

As a new customer I am slightly concerned with our new activation.

First of all, broadband is connected, email sent to confirm. No hardware to connector, hence technically no broadband as old router does not work with BT. I had no choice but buy a router as interim measure to allow me to continue to work at home. As there is technically no broadband, does this warrant the £5 per day compensation as outlined by Ofcom that BT is affiliated to? It looks like the BT modem is still in Yorkshire!

Another question would be how do I claim the £80 voucher offered when I signed up and activation completed? There is no record in the reward section. I entered the contract with this offer in the terms and condition but appears to now be in breach. I have screen shot of this offer when signing up.

Not a great start to a 24month relationship.

Hopefully a moderator can help here!


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Re: New customer

For the voucher 14 days need to pass from the date of activation.

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