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New internal wiring and master socket required

Hi all

I bought a 1950’s property last year that was in massive need of a renovation. I noticed that the BT telephone line had been cut just inside the front door and the master socket and internal telephony had been removed, but it wasn’t a major issue at the time as Virgin Media was available in the area so I signed up with Virgin. 

I’m currently in the process of having the house renovated and an extension being built etc and am now thinking of future options re: telephone and Broadband etc as I don’t want to be stuck with Virgin forever and have no landline options. 

Ideally, I need a new Master Socket fitted as well as the roof/line bracket moved to the new edge of the house. 

How would I go about arranging this? I’m happy to pay for it as a one off Openreach charge etc but all BT seem to want to do is sell me a new broadband contract when I just need the master socket etc put in first.  


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Re: New internal wiring and master socket required

AS the work would be done by Openreach and you cannot employ Openreach directly, why would BT pay for Openreach to provide something that may or may not lead to a contract. Once you place an order with whatever provider you choose, they will get Openreach to carry out the necessary work.

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Re: New internal wiring and master socket required

You don’t have an account with BT so they wouldn’t be able to place a Drop Wire Shift for you. That’s a bit like asking Morrison’s to deliver my Sainsbury’s shopping.

Normally you’d raise the order with the Provider you are with, providing they use the Openreach Access Network, which VM don’t so you have to raise it directly with Openreach yourself.

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Re: New internal wiring and master socket required

This is exactly what I was after, thank you. I’ve filled out the form and will await their reply. Hopefully they can schedule a visit to install everything i need to get a master socket back working in the property.
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