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No internet

Hoping putting something on here might get some sort of response. 
Woke up this morning to my smart hub 2 flashing purple so unable to to make a connection. 
Have gone through all the trouble shooters with no luck, according to BT there are no issues with the line or broadband connection. I’ve rebooted the hub, done a factory reset, powered down for 20 minutes, swapped the filter and leads with spares, done a quiet line test (no issues), rang into the landline, out from the landline and still flashing purple.

Have tried the myBT app but unable to register a fault and it reckons there isn’t one, have rang helpline which was answered after 2 hours on hold for them say there is no fault and the online chat just keeps saying no one available.

We live in a poor mobile signal area so rely on the broadband connection. Anyone got any suggestions?

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Re: No internet

did you also try using the test socket with a filter to see if that provides a connection?

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Re: No internet

Hi. Yep, forgot to put that in original message. Tried connecting via the test socket as well with no change in connection. 

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Re: No internet

If you have dialtone, and the correct number ( checked with 17070 )  along with a quiet line , then your router could be faulty, or your connection to ‘broadband’ either faulty or you have an account issue ( like you have been ceased in error ) , it doesn’t really matter if any robotic tests state your line /broadband is OK, if it isn’t and you have done the necessary checks , you need to report the fault to your ISP, unfortunately if it takes a long time to get an answer , you will just have to persevere.

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