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NowTV App - (BT Youview Box)

Hi, have an issue with Nowtv app on BT youview box.
Been watching Sky Sports via my account with NowTV on the app, after a while the channel crashes and get screen error message (See attached).

NowTV image 1.jpg


NowTV image 2.jpg


No problem with internet as Nowtv App working fine on my tablet no issues only on BT box.
Any feedback help to resolve this issue would be appreciated.
Cheers, Al

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Re: NowTV App - (BT Youview Box)

Hi @clique-al  sorry that you are getting this error when trying to watch the sport. Have you tried a Factory Reset of your BT TV box? If not try the option that allows you to keep your recordings and see if that helps fix the issue.



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Re: NowTV App - (BT Youview Box)

I was getting the exact same problem yesterday, every time i was going into the Nowtv app on my BT box, i chose a channel to view available programmes (eg Sky One, Sky Witness) and was getting the same message as posted above.....but pleased to say from this morning, whatever was causing this has been sorted and all working fine again now.

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Re: NowTV App - (BT Youview Box)

Thanks for your response JohnC2, I don't really think factory reset necessary. It appears to only happen with NowTV app, is there any way to uninstall / reinstall this app. PS: I don't have the NowTV package(s) through BT. I'm only using my direct account for Sky Sports with NowTv.
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Re: NowTV App - (BT Youview Box)

Hi @GarryJ, thanks for your reply I will check later today and see if issue still happens. I think problem is with the NowTV app via BT box as the app on my Samsung Tablet never has any issues.
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