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Packet loss

So basically, I game a lot on my Xbox however I have experienced packet loss of around 4% on the download side and 3% on upload side, ping is low and I test my connection and the speed is fine. However the packet loss is not. I’ve had multiple BT advisers tell me it’s fine, and I had an engineer to look at wires outside and inside and they were fine too. I’ve got 4 booster discs around the house. Still packet loss. My room is the furthest from the hub,  I’ve got an Ethernet cable running from my Xbox to the hub directly, I bought a 30m one so it would reach, I probably only needed a 15-20m one as this one was super long. But it’s still bad with the cable, I don’t know what else to do about it! Anyone help?

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Re: Packet loss

Hi @Annaroberts_x and welcome to the community.

I'm sorry you're having problems with your packet loss. We'll need some more detail on this so can you try running a tracert (a google search will show you how) to the game you're having problems with and also one to the BBC site for comparison and post the results?



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Re: Packet loss

I would install PingPlotter and then check you line.

a simple test is to put a load on your network ie speed test or download a test file and watch how your connection changes.

Many of us gamers not that I game heavily but I do Beta test for a well known U.K. router/software  will use our own routers to combat latency on our network. 
there are various routers available if you find you are getting packet loss or high spikes that can combat these, some are better than others and offer other advantages for online games ie third party route service or the ability to pick servers.

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Re: Packet loss

Hi David!

Im really unsure how to do the tracert.. it says to do the thing on windows but I don’t have anything to do it on windows. I don’t have a pc to do the command. Is there a way to do the tracert thing on phone or chrome book laptop or Apple computer?

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Re: Packet loss

Hi! My router that I have is a BT smart hub 2! The upload and download speed is like 48ms and 9.5ms or something like that, but it’s just packet loss that’s causing me a great issue, getting above 7%:( 

where do I install ping plotter on? I don’t have a pc or anything just a TV and my Xbox plugged into it

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Re: Packet loss

Pc or Mac for PingPlotter.

how are you measuring your packet loss?

If this is over a mesh setup you are going to see an increase in latency. 

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