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Poor Home Wifi


Was wondering if someone might be able to help with a situation Im facing with BT fibre home broadband.

Ive been with BT since June 2020 my previous provider was Vodafone, I left due to a so called red cable link issue and really bad congestion problems at peak periods.

My connection speed was and is around 70Mbps but sometimes I have problems opening single websites, again at peak times as if there is some form of congestion, the page starts to load and stops.

BT have assured me that everything is okay but the issue persists, they sent out a Open-reach engineer but booked the incorrect one a telephone person who didn't have the correct knowledge.

Another date was scheduled with the correct broadband engineer but he didn't turn up, apparently the fault was listed as fixed on the same day it was rebooked and I wasn't notified.

It obviously hadn't been fixed it was because the wrong engineer had been called out in the first place and reported the line was okay.

What a mess.................. 

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Re: Poor Home Wifi


Please follow the advice on this link, and post the results. Ignore the fact that it refers to ADSL, as the advice is relevant to FTTC as well.

Its also important that you see if the problem still occurs with Ethernet connected devices.

Turn off Smart Setup, as that can also give problems.


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Re: Poor Home Wifi

What's a "red cable link issue"???

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Re: Poor Home Wifi


Cable link seems to be what Vodafone systems call the back haul
Thus the high capacity link from the exchange to the the point at which it connects to the internet ..

All domestic internet connections are contended ... ie while the connection between you and the next equipment does run at say 70 meg, after that you share with others and because you are not using it every moment they assume that say 24 users each at 70 meg share a 100 meg back haul connection .
As it is rare fir you to be using 70meg all the time ..... but if all thouse users are all demanding say 6 meg .. it all slows down,

Hope this makes sense.

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Re: Poor Home Wifi

I know what contention is I had just net heard of the term Vodaphone used. Why didn't they get you switched to another SVLAN?

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Re: Poor Home Wifi


Thanks for your kind reply.

Unfortunately I have no idea why, they advise that all is okay after doing some checks, most of the advisers you speak to at BT also don't have the correct technical knowledge, when I've mention a congestion problem they don't understand what this is or how this could affect customers .  

As I've said these issue has been going since I've joined BT, I reported them within my first week but now they refuse to release me from my contract.

Im also disabled and spend the vast amount of my time at home so a reliable internet connection is of paramount importance.



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Re: Poor Home Wifi


I came across a link this morning on the forum which was to BT wholesale Speedtest site which gave some very strange readings / figures.

I ran the test multiple time just to make sure it said 264.49Mbps download and 19.91Mbps upload.

Something is obviously not quite right when I have a 72Mbps connection coming in at the router.

I'm still having issues when I can't open a web page at peak times.

All extremely confusing, if I ring BT they won't have a clue............

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