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Powerlines disrupting NAS drive

I have a BT Smart Hub 1 and a Synology DS118 NAS drive.  Both work with no issues.  I've just added a  TP-Link AV600  (TL-PA4010P) powerline starter pack to extend my wired network.  The powerline uses a different port on the back of my Smarthub to my NAS but the moment I switch the powerlines on, I lose access to my NAS drive. My SmartHub homescreen shows it is there, when I punch the ip address in I get the "Hello! Welcome to Synology Webstation" but when I add :5000 on the end of the ip address, nothing. 

Turn off the powerlines,  reboot the NAS drive and all is good again. Switch on the powerlines, bye-bye NAS!

Any ideas?

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