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Problem with home hub 6

i have a BT home hub 6 for my isp connection. 


For some reason the router decides to restart it self every couple of days and it has done this a few time last time being about half hour ago at the time of me typing this. 

Thats the first problem. The 2nd problem is that my noise margin seems to be strangely high despite the fact my lines clear and im getting near to max sync speeds (only 1mb off my 50mb download). 

DSL uptime:

0 Days, 0 Hours 37 Minutes 52 Seconds

Data rate:

10.00 Mbps / 49.00 Mbps

Maximum data rate:

16578 / 66772

Noise margin:

10.5 dB / 9.9 dB

Line attenuation:

35.3 dB

Signal attenuation:

22.7 dB / 35.3 dB


Can someone explain this please? I have the router plugged straight into the phone master socket with no pointless extensions running all round the house. 

I have a ADSL micro-filter plugged into the face plate instead of a vdsl filtered faceplate, could the micro-filter be the problem?

I haven't yet reset the hub (will try doing this tonight)


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Re: Problem with home hub 6

Have you tried connecting to test socket with the filter to see if that helps your line stability. If you are fibre 1 thenI would expect your connection to be 55/10mb

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Re: Problem with home hub 6

i guess i could try but i really dont see the point as theres no extensions running anywhere and i don't really see how a faceplate can go faulty but i will try it when i reset the hub as its better than nothing atleast.
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Re: Problem with home hub 6

Don't expect your SNR to come down to 6.0dB. As your line is capable of a faster speed than the service level you are on there is plenty of wiggle room.

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Re: Problem with home hub 6

i remember a couple of months ago my margin being 6db, my speed was the same then as it is now
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