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Problems changing a BT ID (Trying to help a friend)

I am trying to help a friend renew his current BT package online which is just phone and broadband.

His BT ID is an old email address which no longer exists. He can sign in to his account details at "My BT" with that old email address and the system asked for clarification as to which email address should be the BT ID. (The redundant one or his current BT email address). We selected the BT one and answered a few more questions and a message came up saying that the final step of confirming to change would be to click on a link in an email that would be sent. After 48 hours no email has been received to complete the update of details. Should this have gone to the correct or the old email address. If it is the old he does not have access to it.

Any help appreciated.


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Re: Problems changing a BT ID (Trying to help a friend)

@AjayK46 welcome to the community and thanks for posting, if your friend logs into MyBT and selects 'your details' is the old email address still showing in the contact details section? That will need to be updated to ensure contact emails go to the new email address.



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Re: Problems changing a BT ID (Trying to help a friend)

Thank you. It is under "your details" that both old and new email addresses appear with the message "Which email address do you want to use for using both your BT account log in and receive BT emails on?" Having selected the correct one it confirmed the request and said to complete the process of updating an email would be sent but nothing arrived. If it went to the old email address that no longer exists. 

If he signs in with the correct BT ID it goes straight to just his emails in web mail. 

If he signs in with the old BT ID (a now redundant email address) he gets access to all his account details etc.

He needs everything to be accessible via the correct BT ID which is his btinternet . com email address.

Any further help appreciated.

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