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Provided power cable too short

The power cable  from electric socket to the fibre termination block is too short. Can I buy a cable extension or new adapter with longer cable.

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Re: Provided power cable too short

It must have been ok when fitted by openreach  why not just use a 2/4 way electric extension

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Re: Provided power cable too short

His previous Post makes reference to the Supplied CAT5e Cable not being long enough.

It was recommended he buy a longer one but from what I can gather he’s taken it upon himself to try a move the ONT instead. 

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Re: Provided power cable too short

@Starwire Can I ask how you came to that conclusion?
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Re: Provided power cable too short

I actually need both cables longer to place things where I want them.

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Re: Provided power cable too short

BT only supply limited length cables and to connect I had to bring an extension from other side of room.

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Re: Provided power cable too short

He posted this Question;

I’ve been dealing with things like those day in day out for almost 20 years now. After a while it becomes very predictable.

I’d hazard a guess what has happened is he’s moved into a New Build and or a House that had FTTP Installed by the previous owner and is unhappy with the ONT Location. That or he had it installed and has now suddenly changed his mind as to where he wants the ONT and Router installed.

No idea if he’s bothered to ask for an ONT Shift or not?

As said though the Power Supply for the ONT comes as is and isn’t available is various lengths. 

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