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For more than six weeks I’ve had intermittent problems connecting to WiFi.  Usually my apple devices connected ok with more problems on WiFi but then the problem affected both apple and android devices. Sometimes I could fix it by resetting the router. But not always and even then it would disconnect the other unused devices. There was just no pattern and after umpteen calls and two engineer visits I’m now on my 4th router the latest of which is a home hub 2 which has made the problem worse. I can get onto Google but can’t click through on any links as the server times out. But strangely I can get onto email, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.  I mainly want to go to but can’t.  I can’t work from home as can’t get onto WiFi to do anything and am now using data on my phone because I have no option.  Has anyone had similar problems. All my devices connect to my work WiFi in the office so it’s not my devices that are causing the problem. 

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Re: WiFi

What version home hub do you have? 

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Re: WiFi

I had a home hub 6 and now have the new smart hub 2
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