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Question to staff/mods

hello staff / moderators 


Is it possible to get interleave turned off and DSL mode set to :FAST PATH    through forums ? 

ive seen in other posts that staff / mods have altered a customers line settings through forums which is very very usefull as the broadband phone team have no clue and cant even send a engineer out to do it unless there is a actual fault on the line . [ plus engineers hate coming out to tweak line settings when they know ISPS can do it from there side ] 


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Re: Question to staff/mods

Hello @AngryNetworking,

Personally, I have done this countless times in the past. It has been a right while since I've had to do one but the process is still the same.

There could be a block in place from doing it but if there's a way to do it, I will find out.

I'm going to send you a private message so we can have a conversation about all of this and do our best to guide you.

Thank you



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Re: Question to staff/mods

i sent you over a private message
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