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Re: BT Parental Controls not working

I have exactly the same problem. It used to work ok, blocking types of site (pornography, gambling etc) but I just discovered today that it's not working any more.

I've only discovered this as I found out that my son has been looking at highly inappropriate material. This is a disgraceful failure of the system that I have been paying for all this time. I feel very let down by BT, I cannot undo what my son has seen or done subsequently.

Help me fix it asap.

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Re: BT parental controls do not work

@neil I have exactly the same the same issue. It used to work fine, blocking inappropriate sites and I have only discovered that it's not working because we found out that our son has been accessing highly inappropriate material. I feel completely let down by this failure of the system I have been paying for for several years. I cannot undo what he has seen and his subsequent actions - please fix this issue ASAP


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Re: BT parental controls do not work

Hi @BrianRothera

I am sorry to hear that Parental Controls wasn't working for you when you needed it most. We need to work out what happened as there are a number of possibilities. I'd recommend checking your child's computer for a VPN to make sure they aren't using that to try and get around our Parental Controls.

I'm sending you a private message with some information that we need to be able to look into this for you.



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