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Re: Landlines charges for calls not made

I've recently came across this as checked my bill for last 3 months as when I was decorating I accidentally broke my landline phone so I havent had 1 for 3 months now and being autistic I'm not exactly the talkative guy on the phone i have a mobile contract where i text people and email people due to not being very talkative but BT seem to turn a blind eye and just want my money I've been with BT for a while I just dont understand how anyone can make calls from NOT HAVING A LAND LINE TELEPHONE TO CALL FROM  I'm highly BLEEPED off 

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Re: Landlines charges for calls not made

Hi @Jakepricecfc and welcome back.

Thanks for posting about these charges. I'm sorry you're not happy with them.

It's also possible your line is crossed with another. If you can plug a phone into the socket, and dial 17070, you will get an announcement telling you your phone number.

Check this against the phone number shown on your bill, to make sure its the same. If it's not then  I can look into this for you. I'll need a few details so I'll drop you a private message now so you can get in touch.



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