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Re: No internet connection/ keep showing orange light on BT hub6

Getting the same response as everyone else, “have you checked this?","have you checked that?", “what firmware.. " etc etc. Pointless. If so many people are reporting the same issue then I'm inclined to believe its not at their end nor the equipment within their property. I use a Draytek 2862 router with a TP-link E245 AP, this combo has worked pretty much flawlessly for a good 12 months, perhaps longer... Right up until about 2 weeks ago. It's all been downhill, especially in the past 7 days. The phone interference down the phone line has been atrocious, to the point I can't hear the person speaking on the other end. It's like they are calling me from out of space, so much interference. But let's go through the motions... Check the router, check the filter, restart this, restart that, blah blah blah. This is what drives customers away, if this isnt sorted in the next week or so I'll be leaving BT and getting a 4G router and dropping the land line too. This is an issue outside of the property. Sort it BT/Openreach (a.k.a BT's scapegoat department). 

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Re: No internet connection/ keep showing orange light on BT hub6

I moved you post to start your own thread and avoid confusion with replies to post originator 

this is a customer help customer forum and only BT EMPLOYEES are the forum mods

your post does not got to BT so if you have a line problem then report it to 151


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Re: No internet connection/ keep showing orange light on BT hub6

The reason you are asked questions and asked to try various things is to diagnose what and where the problem may be that is unless you know some other way of establishing what/where the fault is.

As you have said that you have noise on your phone line did you report a telephone fault?

If not you need to report the noisy line as a telephone fault. Once the noise id sorted you will find that your broadband speed will slowly start to increase albeit it may take a couple of weeks.

If you don't get the telephone noise fixed there is no point in trying anything else.

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