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Re: can you disable 'Hot Spot' feature>?

yep, over 37 days after disabling it, and it is still on - they are DENYING hotspots to be turned off, 14th Nov i asked and did it, now it's the 18th December and it's still on, disabling wifi completely - STILL ON!


have a bug in their core systems

either way, BT needs to sort it out! - this should be brought to their attention, so I am writing a letter to the BT CONNECTION dept. to see what the hell is going on.

rep 1: don't know but I'll ask: came back with 7 days

rep2: never ever heard of a hotspot!!

rep3: don't know but ill ask: comes back with 28 days

rep 4: 31 days

these are BT Trained STAFF - when I worked as a CSA at Sky we were given 6 weeks broadband and TV training and everyone got problems resolved... I was already genned up on the 2 week xDSL course so sat through it.

my zYxell VMG8924-B10A router will just go in its place if they keep it up, as the wi-fi is on SH2 is very poor, yet BT state that they tested the SH2 against all other "ISP ROUTERS" and reckons theirs was the fastest - bull

Apart from that everything is great, but always are early days and its 24 months contract! wait until all my neighbours get FTTP then I'll be hit hard

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Re: can you disable 'Hot Spot' feature>?

The hotspot enable/disable requires a parameter change to be made to the home hub config. This is sent via TR-069 from BTs ACS server. That is assuming that it has the serial number of your hub, which may not be the case.

Bear in mind, that a factory reset will undo any change, and will result in the home hub transmitting BT WIFI again.

To be 100% certain not to transmit BT Wi-Fi, you have to use a third party router, provided  you do not have BT Digital Voice.


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