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Recommendations for new router

I'm looking to replace my Smart Hub 2 with a better router, I'm on Full Fibre 900 or whatever it's being called now.

I don't use the wifi on the SH2 (I have 2 Ubiquiti Unify AC Lite APs) so I'm just after best throughput from an ethernet WAN router.

Currently considering the Draytek Vigor 2866.

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Re: Recommendations for new router

Can I ask what you mean by better? What additional functionality or performance do you believe a different router will provide, other than wireless which in your case is not relevant?

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Re: Recommendations for new router

A 2866 would be a bit pointless as its a G.Fast router as well as a WAN to LAN router.

Might be better off with a 2927, just a straight forward WAN to LAN router with no modem or WiFi

Another choice is a TL-R605 which is MUCH cheaper and works fine and removes your hub from any BT interference 🙂 but has limited IPsec performance

Or the ubiquity ER-4 which can push 400mbps on IPsec

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Re: Recommendations for new router

I realise the G.Fast/VDSL/ADSL portion of any router is going to be pointless, it's more the WAN-LAN functionality I'm looking at and in particular the NAT throughput. The 2927 is a load balancing router and as I only have the one connection it is pretty useless. The NAT throughput is the same on the 2927 as the 2866 too. My thought was that should the day come that I move house and no longer have access to FTTP then at least I wouldn't have to go buy ANOTHER new router!

The TL-R605 shows throughput figures of 940Mbps max which is less than the Draytek

I did look at the Ubiquity units as I have Unifi WiFi AP's. Throughput figures aren't measured the same way so it's tricky to get a definitive answer to whether or not it's actually faster (although tested reviews suggest it tops out around 940Mbps). It also has no switching ability as it is just a pure router so I'll need to factor in a decent managed switch as well. I have also looked at the USG range but the only one that can handle FTTP speeds is the Pro which is rackmount and they don't seem to be getting the development support that the Edgerouters do, which is a shame because the Edgerouter isn't manageable through the Unifi system.

As for why I want a new non-BT router? I want something that BT can't mess with, gets proper ongoing support and can be tweaked to suit any specific requirement I may have in terms of connection management.

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Re: Recommendations for new router

The ER-4 not having an inbuilt switch does seem a bit mad.

So its the ER-12 then 🙂

until digital voice turns up and demands the BT hub back 😞

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