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Referred from Trustpilot

Previously loyal BT customer...will not use them again

Loyal BT customer for many, many years and overall I have been happy with the service I had received. That is until I get a fabulous opportunity to change my life unexpectedly and need to leave my contract early. They want to charge a £465 cancellation fee with no options to reduce it, even though I will not have an income for the next six months. After all these years, I would now never recommend BT to anyone. Oh and the best part was when I was told BT have already invested the money I owe them so thats why they can't deduct the cancellation fee.

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Re: Referred from Trustpilot


I'm sorry to hear this but unfortunately every company will do the same. The early termination fees are standard with all companies you enter into a contract with. It's there in black and white.

There is only one provider that provides a contract free service and that's Now TV Broadband but requires an upfront £60 fee for that option.

So I don't know why you're blaming BT on this, and yes what she said is right, BT spends the money on activating the service, activating and ceasing a line requires a lot more work than you actually think. 

Some providers charge you around £35 for a Broadband cease fee on top of early termination.

Can you explain what the difference between you and other customers who want to cancel early when it's not the service providers fault?

If they let you off, would it be fair to charge everyone else? 

So sorry to say, you're at fault here not BT.

Next time you sign up for any service that involves a contract, I advise that you read the terms of the contract and if you feel that you cannot commit to the full length of the contract do not sign up.


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Re: Referred from Trustpilot

I think you have made my point for me here. I have been with BT for approximately 18 years and have always recontracted to get the best package when my contract has run out. When I recontracted this last time I did so with no doubt that I would be here for the full-term. However, my circumstances have changed, and I do not have the option to take my contract with me where I am going. I was perfectly happy with BT after all these years and would have continued if this was an option. I am usually someone who sees things in black and white as well to be honest, however occasionally circumstances can be beyond your control and I just don't believe the high cancellation fees are acceptable in this situation. 

I have been referred by someone on trustpilot to post on here to talk to a moderator, which forgive me, but I don't think you are. So that is the only reason I posted here, not to get subjected to people telling me it's my fault.

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Re: Referred from Trustpilot

Hi @kes1, welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting. Sorry that you're not happy with the cancellation charges. I've sent you a Private Message so you can get in touch with the Mod team and we'll be happy to review this for you.



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