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Replacement Modem & Router for VSDL NOT TP link !

Hello community!


I'm looking to replace my homehub router (Version 5, Type A) with a 'better' modem and router combination. I posted before and had a TP link archer recommended, but it started getting serious dropouts so I sent it back. (Wasn't a broadcom chipset, issue with archer widely reported in TO link forums).


If any community members have replaced their homehub with a single unit (due to plugs and clutter I want a combined solution rather than seperate modem and router).  That's not from TP link I'd love to hear their experiences. 


Budget is up to £150 (ideally less!). Needs to be able to use 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and have decent enough capabilities for up to 30 simultaneously connected devices. House is medium sized , 3 bed new build so doesn't need to be able to beam through solid brick!




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Re: Replacement Modem & Router for VSDL NOT TP link !

UPDATE: whilst searching for alternatives I have seen that the Smart Hub 2 is available from the popular online retailer that sells everything from A to Z... Price is as round £50. Is the smart hub 2 leaps and bounds better than the HomeHub 5? If so it may be the solution. 






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Re: Replacement Modem & Router for VSDL NOT TP link !

Easy answer is 'no'. It also causes some customer problems as you cannot split the 2.4/5ghz networks

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Re: Replacement Modem & Router for VSDL NOT TP link !


I use an Asus DSL-AC68U and have done for about 6 years now. Mine has been superb and it's within your budget and firmware still supported.

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