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SKY Q Mini Box Via Ethernet



Looking for some guidance -  has anyone connected thier SKY Q mini box via ethernet cable to a BT Broadband ( not using the Smarthub - I have a Nightgear Nighthawk )

I currently have the SKY Q Main Box ethernet connected directly into my router and this seems to work fine and has increased speeds ( and more importantly reliability )as the SKY Q Main box kept dropping off the WiFi ) I would like to do the same with my SKY Q mini that currently connects to the SKY Q Main box across the SKY WiFI ( not internet connected just seems to be a backhaul from SKY to SKY when you dont have SKY Broadband )


Has anyone done this ? Is it just the same process as changing the connection details to Wired ? Ideally I would like to turn wifi off on the SKY Q Main and Mini boxes.


Thanks James

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Re: SKY Q Mini Box Via Ethernet

Hi @jamesp1969   I am not sure what this has to do with BT but connecting all of the Sky Q boxes by Ethernet is the best way to go. I personally connect mine to an unmanaged gigabit Ethernet switch with the switch connected to my Smart Hub 2. That way the Minis continue to work even while you reboot the Hub. All WiFi turned off on the Sky Q boxes. If you need help try

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Re: SKY Q Mini Box Via Ethernet

Thanks for the reply - I guess it is sort of to do with BT as I am using BT Broadband ( although not using the samrthub) I will give it a try and see what happens -

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