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SVLAN / Capacity Issues?

Hi, been on BT VDSL/FTTC for a good few years now and this is the first time I have come across this issue.

For the last week, like clockwork my download has been dropping something serious as soon as we reach peak times PM (5pm onwards). However, my upload remains perfectly fine which I see as very odd.

Normally, I get around 35 down, 8-10 up. But when *something* happens my download will drop as low as into the Kbps range while my upload is completely fine.

Swapped the Huawei Openreach modem for a known good DSL Modem but the same thing happens making me think this issue is outside of my domain. Network usage at this time is also very low - no streaming, no games etc as everyone has to flip over to 4G on their phones/tablets to at least get some connection.

Similar searches on here seem to suggest either oversubscription at the cab/exchange or a SVLAN issue.

Also did a silent line test - that was fine and my modem is reporting a good connection to the DSLAM with the expected line speeds.

14-03-21 - 18-27.PNG



Can anyone shed some light on this one? Don't really want to call BT support.

Thanks, Chris

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Re: SVLAN / Capacity Issues?

BT support won't be able to anything about it. BTWholesale should be aware of the problem and take steps to mitigate.

Meanwhile remove your telephone number from your screenshot this is a public forum.

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Re: SVLAN / Capacity Issues?

So I just have to wait and pray someone at wholesale is paying attention to the reports and is going to act on them?

Also, thats abit rubbish I could call BT Support and they would be clueless as to cause/solution - whats their point besides the basic "turn it off/on"

Good job I confirmed my Starlink order last night.

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Re: SVLAN / Capacity Issues?

BT Wholesale have systems in place that monitor the status of the backhaul network. No 'paying attention to reports' necessary. The work required to increase capacity will determine timescales.

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