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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

I said "anyone reading this thread" @Rob221 - i.e. if they're reading this thread, then they're already going to get the best possible information about this issue and calling the helpdesk won't help. After we've had our discussions with Samsung tech, we'll then be able to agree a set of instructions that can be shared with the helpdesk so they can help anyone who does call - although stats so far indicate that the number of affected devices is tiny.

The 4K video feed doesn't yet have the content protection on it - we're working on that now, so I'd expect you to start seeing issues on that channel shortly.

I don't know how many times I have to say that we have no choice about this. Seriously! We WILL lose our contract for the football rights if we don't enable this content protection.

Just FYI, some other impacts of this requirement:

* Tesco Hudl 2 devices can no longer play any live channels.

* Android TVs with Chromecast built-in cannot be casted to (but the app is available to install directly on the device instead, which works fine)

* It's currently looking like we're going to have to drop support for Samsung 2015 TVs (we're still trying to find a solution)

* Samsung 2016 TVs will probably lose access to Ultimate (again, still working on it)

* PS4 and PS5 currently have major issues that we're working with Sony on, but as things stand, some content will become unavailable on those devices


We really don't want any of this - it has caused us months of pain already, and will continue to cause us pain for another few weeks at least.

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

You might like this at John Lewis:

This the Samsung model I bought in June 2019 and are having the issues with. 

Appreciate the honesty Dev, hopefully you can work out a solution with Samsung.





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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Any update on this issue BT following contact with Samsung?

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Nothing useful yet - only confirmation that they're investigating. I'll update when I know anything worth sharing.

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Same thing happening again today 

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

I’ve today starting getting this issue. I have the BT Sport app on my Samsung TV and watched the champions league and Europa leagues games midweek without issue. Today I’ve started watching a premiership game and the video kept freezing after roughly 30 seconds. The audio tried to keep going despite the frozen screen but the commentary would loop back a minute or so.

 Interestingly I looked for software updates for the TV and there were none. I then tried watching the game again during half time and the picture is now fine. I remember having exactly this issue last year but ended up watching the football on another TV. It seemed to happen during popular games. After a week or so the problem disappeared.

Watched the whole second half without issue. If I get the problem again I’ll probably try waiting until half time and then watching rather than joining the game ‘in-play’. It shouldn’t matter when you start watching though.

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

@DarrenDev  Same problem with Samsung TV here too. 2017 model

Match loads normally  for 30sec -1min and then picture freezes.

Sound continues in the background

Samsung TV software fully up to date as well as BT Sport App

Has just started happening.

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Hello - same thing happening here. I have (I think) a 2016 Samsung and the audio delay is around 30seconds on the BTSport App. We didn’t have this problem with casting. I’ve tried everything suggested here but it doesn’t fix it. 

am I right in thinking that we can no longer cast to Chromecast on Samsungs? Before we downloaded the app, it said casting was no longer possible, but as I understand it, it can be done on other devices?

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Samsung doesn't have Chromecast - if you were "casting" to your Samsung TV then you were actually screen mirroring, which is now blocked.
The big difference is that with true Chromecasting, your phone passes an instruction to tell the TV to play a video - the video goes directly from the BT server to the TV, so can play fast and secure.
With screen mirroring, the video goes from the BT server to your phone, and then your phone processes it and rebroadcasts the entire screen to your TV. This means your video experience is dependant on how fast your phone is, and how well the wifi is capable of broadcasting twice the amount of video. It's also not secure between your phone and your TV - this is the bit that had to be blocked, to prevent piracy.
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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Same thing happening to me. Picture freezing after 30 seconds, sound loops back and continues. Tried reinstalling, resetting etc etc as discussed in this thread. 

Samsung TV model is QE49Q7FAM. 

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