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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

There are a few big events that we're still forced to turn off content protection for, and frustratingly someone forgot to turn it back on for BT Sport 1-3 after the last event. This is why you weren't seeing issues on those channels again. I've sent a broadcast to the entire tribe on how important it is that protection is turned back on ASAP after every match.
It's turned back on now so you'll see failures again, but then it's going to be turned off again tomorrow for a few events over the weekend on BT Sport 1-3.
I can only recommend that you use ESPN where it will remain on permanently.
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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

How on earth are Samsung supposed to find a fix for this when BT behave like this.

I have tried to help out Samsung tech support on numerous occasions, ive spent hours of my time.

Ive got another tech call scheduled for tomorrow, what's the point ? is content protection on or off who knows? not BT that's for sure.

Ive cancelled my BT sport subscription 

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing


Just running through all channels in advance of samsung call tonight. And initially all channels were OK so I assumed content protection is off. However now espn has frozen the last two times so hope at least content protection stays on for espn when they call later. 

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

An interesting observation @RobSewards. I wonder if maybe it's specific quality levels that are failing, which could be creating the intermittent nature of it?
What about the BT Sport Extra channels - do they also fail? They'll just be running a logo loop at the moment, but at a lower quality level.
Also, if you go into settings within the app and set quality to SD, does it still fail on ESPN?
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Re: Samsung tv app freezing


As you say extra channels are just looping but the black background is fading about. This and audio continues so pretty sure these channels are ok atm. So content protection must be off. Espn just froze. I cannot find a quality setting within the app. When I go to the top right hand settings cog only 3 options are device checker, legal information and log out.

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Sorry, you're right - I was replying from my phone, so hadn't checked content protection config. It's currently off for everything except ESPN.
I can't think why you wouldn't see the quality setting in Settings though? I'll need to check with the dev team if it only applies to specific models. What app version does it show you in the bottom right corner of the settings screen?
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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

It says 2.21.1 - 1.0.3

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

OK thanks @RobSewards
Let me know how you get on with Samsung later ... in the meantime, I'll chat with the dev team tomorrow about some more options to help diagnose this issue.
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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Is anyone on this discussion still able to reproduce this issue?  It looks to have disappeared, but we're not aware of any intentional fix for it.

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BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay

We have a problem with the audio running about 30 seconds behind the picture feed on live sports events.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is there any known fix for this? Thanks.


Further information:

We are viewing BT Sport on the App (version 2.24.3 - 1.03) obtained from the Samsung App Store on a Samsung 50 inch 4K series 6 Smart TV from 2016 - model UE50KU6000K running the latest Samsung software (version 1243.2 Jan 13. 2021). Re-installing the App did not curethe problem.

The Samsung TV plays all other live and internet-streamed content from other channels and sources, including a laptop connected via HDMI, without any delayed audio.

The same issue with 30s delayed audio was mentioned in another thread but that discussion was mainly about picture freezing related to content protection. We have never experienced the issue with picture freezing, only delayed audio.

We experienced the delayed audio issue intermittently last football season (20/21). Maybe related to BT testing of content protection? Now we experience delayed audio on every live event. 

When we first enter the stream to watch any live event, the sound and picture start off synchronised, but after about 30 seconds the audio stream "winds itself" back, once, by c. 30 seconds, and restarts. Then audio continues to run 30 seconds behind the video stream for the remainder of the session. The video stream is uninterrupted throughout.

BT Sport App runs OK (sound and picture remain synchronised) for the same live events on a laptop connected to the same WiFi signal at the same time, so we believe the problem is limited to the version of the BT Sport App running on the Samsung TV.

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