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Re: BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay

As a result of posting the above post, I can now send DMs, so my details are now with you @DarrenDev.
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Re: BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay

OK, so we have another update from Samsung:
The issue has been 100% confirmed as the known issue with the player built into the TV firmware. They've also confirmed other (non UK) apps are also experiencing the same issue, and they're trying to get approval to create a firmware update.

For the past few weeks, we've been working with a 3rd party to look at the possibility of embedding their player into our app instead of using the TV's native player. Investigations are proceeding really well, and we hope to have an app update available soon - though we can't commit to any dates just yet.
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Re: BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay

Hi. Quick suggestion. Maybe look at Now TV, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, ITV, C4, You Tube or any other streaming app on a Samsung TV that don’t seem to have issues with the basics of making audio and video sync. 

A few of the above are free, and most aren’t charging £30 a month like BT Sport is so I’d recommend sorting out the sync issue. It’s not like we’re asking you to colonise Mars.

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Re: BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay

@novnibbles you're welcome to read the history of this thread to understand why BT Sport video is failing to play correctly on 2016 Samsung TVs. 

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Re: BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay

I’m not trolling. I’m just disappointed by your incompetence. I think your first reply was ‘this only effect 10 users’ based on those lucky enough to find this thread. Obviously it’s an endemic issue for thousands of paying customers - like myself.

Trying to blame it on Samsung when every other streaming app works perfectly well is obvious nonsense. My recommendation is to invest properly in the platform or buy one in that works - but have no fear I’ll take this up with BT management and reference this thread.

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Re: BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay


I agree. Utter nonsense.

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Re: BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay

Spot on. You beat me to it. Dismissed from the start. Blaming each other.  Blah blah. Then accuses customers of trolling. Can't they appreciate the anger and frustration? Just fix it.

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Re: BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay

There's never been any "blaming each other".  This has been with Samsung since day 1. It was originally dismissed as a small issue affecting a small number of people because that's all it was when this thread started 6 months ago.  To this date, we've still never managed to reproduce this issue on any of our devices. Samsung were brought on board straight away too, and even they didn't manage to reproduce the issue until a few weeks ago.

I find it utterly amazing that people really think that if we could have fixed this issue, we wouldn't have done it already. Do you think I enjoy coming on here and seeing constant abuse? It also amazes me that people think that digs, insults, and trolling will somehow motivate us into fixing it quicker.

It doesn't matter how angry or frustrated you get - it doesn't change the fact that we can't fix faults with the firmware on Samsung TVs. The fact that other streaming services work is irrelevant - there are many different ways to broadcast video, and Samsung 2016 TVs don't like the flavour BT Sport uses.

We're now looking to pay a 3rd party to develop a player that works better than the one built into the TV. If this goes well, then you may see a fix soon.  If it doesn't, then we'll still be reliant on Samsung for a firmware fix - unlikely to be until next year at the earliest.

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Re: BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay

I appreciate your efforts trying to sort it, however a couple of points here.

You are the face of BT. Accusing your customers of trolling is neither professional nor helpful.

I understand you won't enjoy getting flak for this but again, you are the face of BT, so to all your customers on here, you are BT.

Way back in May you said you suggested this was an issue with Samsung TVs. Samsung subsequently said they couldn't find an issue. If that's not blaming each other, I don't know what is.

To your customers on here, all we see is a problem with the BT Sport app on their Samsung TV. Everything else on the Samsung TV works fine. So regardless of whether the root cause is actually in the Samsung TV or the BT Sport app, to your customers this is a fault with the BT Sport app. Everything else works.

It needs BT to properly recognise that and escalate this higher up at Samsung to get the issue sorted quickly and minimise the reputational damage for BT. 

This has been going on since at least May. Let that sink in. May. 7 months of a service being paid for that doesn't work and an issue that was dismissed as only affecting a handful of customers. And you're complaining about a bit of flak from customers. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I've not even seen any sort of apology from BT for this, anywhere.

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Re: BT Sport App on Samsung TV - 30s Audio Delay

Very fair and spot on. The service is unwatchable and it's BT that we are paying for it. That's BT's responsibility.
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