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Signal strength violently fluctuating

Hi all,

We moved into a new build property in March, taking with us our existing broadband deal (from a supplier other than BT). We immediately found that the wifi signal was violently fluctuating - across devices. One minute you could get full signal on one device, the next it couldn't even open a webpage. Said supplier looked into it, changed the router etc, but effectively told us to go with BT as our ONT box is very new and their hardware didn't support it.

We have recently switched to BT, upgrading our package in the process to Full Fibre 100 in the process, but the problem persists. Today, for instance, I went from 130mbps on my phone down to 1.7mpbs in a matter of seconds. On Saturday night I couldn't open a webpage, and all connection to my Sky mini boxes completely dropped.

We've had an engineer out, who replaced the ONT and gave us a new router. But no luck. I called BT today and their only advice was to now upgrade and pay extra for guaranteed Fibre/Wifi. This would be double the price we were paying to our previous provider.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? or have any advice for us? It's making working from home that little bit more stressful.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Signal strength violently fluctuating

have you turned of smart setup  




Turn Off smart setup











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Re: Signal strength violently fluctuating


I can't even see Smart Setup in my Router settings. There's just a white gap where it looks like it should be (based on a quick internet search).  Is that setup known to cause speed issues?

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Re: Signal strength violently fluctuating

Ignore the previous message - I've just gone in via my laptop and Smart Setup is already set to 'Off'.

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