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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds

Give the FTTP team a ring. 0800 587 4787

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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds

@pippincp thanks, is there anything else I could check though as last time they just said that they only support their equipment and couldn’t really help?

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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds

Connect the SH2 test then ring them.

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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds

Got a feeling this is the good old christmas capacity / throttling issue.

Getting the same terrible speeds while connected directly to the ONT, with an absolute trash 20MB/s download speed.

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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds


Got a feeling this is the good old christmas capacity / throttling issue.


Merry Christmas mate, with all due respect if they are throttling why isn't anyone else getting throttled.

You need to connect the Home Hub 2 and conduct some speed tests with screen grabs and possibly videos of what you are getting and have something to show them.

Apologies for not knowing but have you tried another computer / Laptop.

Ask them to come out and show you 900 / 110 coming out of the ONT then they know it's an Openreach issue.

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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds

Yeah I have all the info I need, im just not going to bother right now until after christmas.

Also just because a few people are having capacity issue and throttling doesnt mean every single person on the network is gonna get it 😜

Connecting to the ONT and STILL getting the same speeds as on both routers, ye it's a capacity / throttle issue.

Also the disparity between online speed testing and actual download throughput of 20MB/s (~180Mbps) it's just obvious.

Also yeah it's happening on every wired PC in the house.

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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds

I hope it is something simple like that, then BT can see I’m not getting full speed and adjust it. 

@pippincp  - I fear, as they did last time, the BT support team will do is  just use their optimised SH2 hub with the optimised test to tell me it’s within their SLA and can’t help. Regardless what all the other tests are suggesting, unless you think I’ll get a different experience?

@h3x1e I’m not quite down to 20mb though, sorry to hear that! 

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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds

@Theuksbest  & @h3x1e  You do realise that 20MB/s is 160mbps?

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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds

@pippincp I think I’m missing your point?

looks like only option is to call BT, thanks for your help here all.

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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds

@h3x1e  stated his "trash" downloads were only 20MB/s.

What he didn't state was:

1st, What tier he was on.

2nd, The difference in download speeds as reported by (e.g.) Windows and connection speed .

ISP's sell connections on speeds measured in Megabits per second. There are 8 bits in a Byte, (bear with me).

File download speed as reported by your OS is normally shown in MegaBytes per second.

So, a file download at 20 MegaBytes per second shows a speed of a 160 Megabits per second connection.


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