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Re: Slow FTTH Speeds

Great point, to limit support to the equipment they provide” I’m ok with them limiting support to their own equipment. But what it feels like right now is that they are limiting the performance to only work with their own equipment. 

I realise though there probably isn’t a conspiracy here. It’s more likely that when we provisioned the line i had my own router plugged in and perhaps it automatically applied a untrusted Profile to the line with different configuration.??... Perhaps re-provisioning the Profile with the BT router attached, then switching over after 10 days or something to my router would fix it..??.. stepping outside my knowledge area and totally guessing, but that would make more sense than three routers and two computers all not able to connect at 900, even when attached directly to the ONT.

I have tested two computers connected directly to the ONT unit using PPoE. I have an IBM Thinkpad Carbon x1 and a brand new MacBook. Both give me between 370 and 500 on and 600 on

Here’s the latest speedtests from my latest router TL-R605, connected into the Omada SDN Cloud. It’s a legitimate router and as far as i know setup correctly but the speed tests it show similar to the last two routers i tested which are below the contractual limits even. I dont really know much about how it’s running the speed test so appreciate this is far from conclusive, but should at least be enough to want to investigate a little more. 

“proportional to the package so if 900 is 450 , then 300 may well be 100-150Mb range” i think this is what i was worried about if tried to downgrade. This would make sense to me going back to the old ADSL days, but it’s a fibre connection so the noise and light levels going into the ONT are either adequate to support the bandwidth or there not. Why would there be this effect of contention on the line with the connection speeds, and why does it vary and fluctuate so much like this on a fibre connection?




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