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Smart Hub 2 - No Ethernet Cable

I regraded to a Fibre 1 package and received my brand new Smart Hub 2 - great!  The package didn’t include an Ethernet cable, which I thought was a bit odd. I’m sure I saw an unboxing video that showed someone waving one around. Anyway, after the activation date BT permitted me to purchase, outright, a companion black disc. It arrived today - great! That also does not come with an Ethernet cable. But, hey presto, I need an Ethernet cable to pair the disc to the hub. Come on BT - just because I regraded you seriously didn’t send me an Ethernet cable? Jeez - pinchfists. What am I supposed to do now?

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Re: Smart Hub 2 - No Ethernet Cable

I think as you are an existing customer upgrading and must already have a hub connected then upgrade consists of the new hub which will connect to existing cabling

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Re: Smart Hub 2 - No Ethernet Cable

Thanks - yes. I threw my Ethernet cable away some time ago - doh! But still aggrieved that BT don’t include one when upgrading. I’ll purchase a cable and wait for that to arrive before exploiting the power of the black disc!

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