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Smart Hub 2 loses network connection daily

I have an ongoing issue where my SH2 loses connection almost once a day. It’s usually in the early hours of the morning but can often be in the afternoon or evening.  The system time remains unaffected according to my stats, it’s the network time that resets each time. It disconnects for probably 30 seconds each time and as far as I can tell just once a day.
my speed is steady and hasn’t been reduced by the system saying I have an unsteady connection.

I ve done a quiet test and there’s no noise. I’ve tested the line using an old Home Hub 6 and it does the same thing so can’t be a fault with the SH2. 
One of the moderators here kindly sent a new SH2 recently to test if things were resolved and I kind of assumed that if my speeds weren’t being affected then I’ll just ignore it. However it is starting to grate now.

Anyone any thoughts?

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Re: Smart Hub 2 loses network connection daily

If you have tried 3 separate hubs and still get the same disconnection problem then not hub.  If you have extension sockets around your home have you tried using test socket with a filter to eliminate any problems with faceplate and internal wiring?  Is it possible there some electrical device in your home causing interference  - have you checked for REIN

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Re: Smart Hub 2 loses network connection daily

Further to my previous post, this is now getting beyond a joke.

My broadband disconnected 5 times yesterday at various times through the day. While it only disconnects briefly it still makes working from home a massive issue.

To make matters worse, it’s impossible to talk to anyone at BT as calling 150 it sets on an automatic line check which while I’m connected won’t find anything. Why am I unable to talk to anyone to explain the situation.

If there are any moderators on here, I’d be really grateful for some assistance.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 loses network connection daily

Hi @Alan24 

Thanks for posting back.

I am sorry for the connection problems you're having with your broadband.  I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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