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Smart Hub resetting?

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Hi! I'm new to Fibre connection and Digital Voice and have run up against an issue that I need advice on. The Smart Hub and Digital Voice phones were set up and my contacts populated very easily and all was well until yesterday. Then the connection dropped multiple times for a few seconds and then returned to normal. I thought nothing of it until I came to use the handset when I was required to re register it with the hub. All my handset data had gone! Apparently, according to the BT Chat agent, the hub had been reset because of the drop and a fault was diagnosed and reported by them.  All handset data is held in the hub and was not retrievable.

Is this right? Should the hub reset itself? I thought from advertising information, it was smart enough to reboot in the event of a problem, but if it resets, does this mean you have to manually re-enter all your contacts every time there is a drop? If so.....oh dear.....

All seems to be back to normal again now, but do I reach for the old phone book....?

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Re: Smart Hub resetting?

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are you on FTTP or FTTC?

normal reset/restart of SH2 should not cause a loss of contacts on DV phone  a factory reset of the SH2 will result in loss of stored contacts and it would be advisable once contact set up you export a .vcf  file  to another device so should it happen again you can quickly import the file and restore contacts

did the hub firmware update  you should see date and time of last update in hub stats

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Re: Smart Hub resetting?

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Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction! I hadn't ventured into the hub manager and now I have done so, I have found the ability to export my contacts from the hub to a file on my laptop. The date on the log confirms the drop on Thursday  was due to a firmware update to v0.30.01.08093-BT. Next time I shall be able to import the vbcf file and restore my contacts. Once again, thanks for your help!


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