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SmartHub Connection Time

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I regularly see posts on here regarding HomeHub's reconnecting or rebooting very regularly - normally due to a line fault. ISTR that the replies have often mentioned that a restart or re-connection every 14 days or so is to be expected, (to allow memory buffers to clear?)?

My question is sort of the opposite: my SmartHub2 has now been connected for over 35 days:



Is this OK? This is quite common for me now, but not all the time - it has gone up to 6 weeks without a re-connect. I don't perceive any issues with my connection, but was just wondering if there is something in the background not happening that I am not aware of because it is missing out on more regular resets?

I'm guessing, (hoping?), that the reply will be along the lines of "it's fine - leave it alone and don't touch it", but confirmation would be good please 😀


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Re: SmartHub Connection Time

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that sort of connection is what most customers would like and you should just leave it alone with your 80/20mb connection - looks good

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Re: SmartHub Connection Time

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Thank you 😀

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