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TV buffering and v poor quality

Watching Rugby on Amazon prime at the weekend, very poor quality and buffering.

BB speed tested at around 39 meg.

Friend watching in different area different supplier, all fine.

Anybody else have the same issues on BT BB.


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Re: TV buffering and v poor quality

I've seen on Digital Spy previously that Amazon had buffering issues on some live sports events, this was mainly when they started showing tennis so I wonder if they've underestimated the demand and not allocated enough bandwidth. They also messed up with the Rugby because they claimed that Northern Ireland wasn't part of the UK 🤣

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Re: TV buffering and v poor quality

Seemed strange that a friend on a different supplier watching the same didn't have problems, indicated to me it could have been BT BB.

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Re: TV buffering and v poor quality

If you're speed test is saying 30+Mbps, it won't be that. Could have just been congestion on their servers. The vast majority won't have an issue but the odd few can. I've had it on 150mbps connection with the football, glitching etc so quit the stream a couple of times and then finally got a stable connection. Prime live video can be a bit fickle because of how they stream it but it normally settles down particularly if their servers are busy

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