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Re: Tp link vr2800 help

Sacked it all of nobody could watch nothing.  Constant drop outs.

Plugged bt router back in getting 80mb and 20mb up.  10ms ping

I'm gonna sell the vr2800 something ain't right.  That's two routers I've tried with the same problem

Ac68u and this vr2800


Wounded spent alot and lost alot now

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Re: Tp link vr2800 help

Took the vr2800 to my friends with sky.   It was rock steady all day and night.   Upload tests didnt knock is internet off.

Im gonna try again see if a factory reset helps.


But im still guessing the work bt did to my smarthub and at the cabinet as done something that  now stops me using a third party router.


I had a vr900 connected for 6months no problem


So its since bt found issues on my line and they said theey had to to change things for it to get better speeds

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Re: Tp link vr2800 help

I have never seen any post to hint that bt block routers however it does seem like something is wrong with your line.

A full factory reset seems a good idea then leave it for a while.

Is it worth checking your cables? i personally use a cat 5e with a rj11 on one end for the router and it plugs into the faceplate with a rj45.

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Re: Tp link vr2800 help

Something weird is going on for sure.  Internets slow today very slow.   Just done speed tests on smart hub.   Took ages to find a server to test speeds.


Getting 800ms ping and 900ms jitter and 0.5mb 

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Re: Tp link vr2800 help

hummm do you have a dial tone? i once had something like this a few years back where one of the wires got disconnected in the cab so the phone didn't work but the internet was super slow, almost adsl speeds.

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Re: Tp link vr2800 help

Yes got dial tone and done a quiet line test and all is silent 

Done a couple more speed tests and its slowly coming back to speed 


Might try the vr2800 in just wifi mode and keep the bt smart hub going as a router?

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Re: Tp link vr2800 help

That can be done if your ok with using 2 devices however i can't help with that as i've never done a 2 router setup.

Only other option i can suggest is to get a separate modem and try that but from the sounds of it you have already spent quite a bit yourself on this and last time i checked the prices of the bt ones are quite high but the vigor 130 served me very well for just over a year when my bt modem died.


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Re: Tp link vr2800 help

Got it reconnected.   Couldn't work out how to do router and wifi setup.  So using it as modem router mode.

Got good speeds.   But speed tests still cut everything off.

I'll Just leave doing speed tests lol.   Its very strange

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Re: Tp link vr2800 help

When doing them it flashes up on the ps5 and ps4.   Connection interrupted  and players just start walking into walls.  As soon as speed test is done all is ok

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Re: Tp link vr2800 help

Reading up on this maybe mtu is the problem.   Its set at 1480 and says don't change this unless absolutely necessary.


What should it be.  Should i change this

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